Rosinska Elzbieta / Sawicka Anna - Duo Sopot
Chamber Sound presents an anthology of works for accordion and cello, both solo and duo. Elzbieta Rosinska, accordionist (professor at the Academy of Music in Gdansk) and Anna Sawicka, cellist (academic teacher and Principal Cellist of the Baltic Opera in Gdansk), have performed together with their ensemble Duo Sopot since 1991. Recorded on this disc are works written by world-famous composers Matyas Seiber, Egon Wellesz, Wilhelm Fitzenhagen as well as Polish ones such as Marian Sawa. All the composers presented on this disc come from Central Europe, which can be heard in their music inspired by Austrian, Hungarian and Polish - by far the most, Kashubian (from the region in the vicinity of Gdansk and Sopot, the latter a Baltic seaside resort, from which the ensemble took its name) - folklore.

1   Ave Maria op.41

2   Con vigore e con dolore

3   Sekwens na akordeon solo

4   Sonata op.31 fur Violoncello solo

5   Sonata op.39 fur Violoncello solo

6   Tryptyk Kaszubski

7   Introduction und Allegro

8   Toccata na wiolonczele i akordeon