Duo Violoncelissimo - Gravitation
GRAVITATION - Olga Veselina & Vadim Larchikov - DUO VIOLONCELLISSIMO Duo Violoncellissimo is dedicated in part to resurrecting forgotten or rarely performed works. Not less important, they have been active supporters of increase the contempo-rary cello duo repertoire, new compositions written on request from the Duo and dedi-cated to them and their exceptional significance of tone expression.

"The Duo Violoncellissimo has been winning a following in new-music circles lately..."
The New York Times

M. Maros, A. Zagaykevych, L. Ekström, A. Eriksson, L. Yurina, P Schuback, V. Larchikov

1   Duo for two cellos

2   Gravitation

3   Gimel

4   Navkapsel

5   Distanzierung

6   Speculatio

7   Inter Lacrimas et luctum


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