Various Artists - Spanning
The object of the contents of this CD is not to braid a number of common threads to one common stylistic denominator. Electroacoustic music is more or less devoid of aesthetic groupings today. Consider this CD from a 20-year-old perspective, electroacoustic bridge building with one abutment in the past and the other in the future. Composers: Malin Bång, Hans Parment, Anders Blomqvist, Mirjam Tally, Thomas Liljeholm, Henrik Frisk, Hideki Kozakura. Musicians: Sabine Vogel, Monika Mattiesen, Peeter Salmela, Stefan Östersjö, Jörgen Pettersson.

1   Twilight Collider

2   Short Cuts

3   Löpa Varg

4   Last year`s sun still glitters in the drop of water

5   Streams

6   Repetition Repeats all other Repetitions

7   Komponist-bin ich!


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