Short Story
Chamber Sound, Växjö, was started in 1990 by Hubert and Wieska Szymczynski, two professional musicians with very different, yet complementary approaches to their music. Hubert, a jazz pianist and trombonist, has a special flair for lifting beautiful tone colours from the music (custom-made equipment from microphones, preamps to 20 bit digital technology). Wieska, violinist and concertmaster for the chamber orchestra, is also a master of phrasing, intonation and dynamics. Thus, Chamber Sound is synthesis of personal efforts to bring out the absolute best in their recordings, namely TONE and TEXT.

We are very proud to have in our cataloge recordings with the chamber orchestra MUSICA VITAE, piano-professor Hans Pålsson and Per Tengstrand, the winner of the Cleveland piano-competition 97.

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