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In Wieska and Hubert Szymczynski two musical worlds meet. The classical school of exact elegans and form meets the freedom, spontanity, harmony and improvisation of the jazz music. Something that did not occur without problems. She is used to follow the notes and think in frazes, he thinks in chords. "There were heated discussions, we barked like two mad dogs. But it's all about challengeing eachother."
Finally they found a model that worked, they decide in which parts Hubert is allowed to improvise and do whatever he likes with. Otherwise the violin rules and the piano follows. This way of playing demands adjustment and audiabillety. They never really know where it all ends, but they are secure in that whatever happens, they allways come to shore.
Basically it's all about rejuvenate classical music with todays harmonies without losing the classical form. Like a plastic operation of old musical pieces. All their CD's are recorded live. anything else would be impossible. They hope and belive that their preformances will make the classical music more available to untrained ears.