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From The Press
Stillwater Gazette: "Wieska is to the violin what Kathleen Baatle is to the voice... Huberts comic timing is apparent... Victor Borge would have been proud..."
The Strad: "an accomplished polish-born violinist... honesty of this release 'lonely violin' is the most refreshing, commendable quality..."
Arbetet: "a sincerely happy musical marriage"
Uppsala Nya Tidning: "We were spellbound and never wanted it to end"
Dagens Nyheter: "When the polishborn violinist entered, the evening suddenly came to life... she played with an amazing virtouosity and most beautiful sound"
Barometern: "The couple Szymczynski belongs without doubt to the elite in the music world."
Östra Koresponndenten: "Her play... you can feel it in body and soul..."
Arbetet: "As a soloist she show her utterly sympathetic musical qualities... Her music has that obvious authority"
Östra Småland: "Superb violinist... she has stage experience and a lot of expression"
SD: "Thank God there are musicians!"
Blekinge Läns Tidning: "Magnifique performance in musicality."